Sébastien Damiani

 Living with the head in the stars, Sébastien is quite different from others when he composes a music filled with his past, rich of the promise of his future.
He is an eclectic artist with various sensibilities, a perfectionist who will not give up, a workaholic, a marginal composer who will sign with his soul all the music he composed.
He is unique in his kind. It feels he is impersonating the pianist in Scott’s Hicks’ movie “Shine”, through his quest for beauty and his search for the true emotion, where he will decline his hypersensitivity in terribly efficient harmonies, in a genuine and heartfelt generosity, in a fullness which will be found in love or in his music.
He is simply translating all of these emotions, so often heart-rending for him. In this rise toward the light, he will talk about love without pronouncing a word.
Composing is his unique solution, the only way to release and share the beauty and pain which he feels deep inside.
Jean-Marc Folschveiller aka Semeur d’Amour

Sébastien Damiani was born on the 22 of July 1972, in Nîmes (France)
He starts playing piano at the age of ten and appears on stage of L’Olympia (Paris) two years later.
He will be spotted and signed by Polydor France and CBS/Sony in Asia. Six albums of world music will be recorded in his youth (among which one has been fore worded by Charles Aznavour).
In 1986, he enters the Conservatoire of Music in Nîmes, in the classroom of Jean Vallet. Two years later, he obtains unanimously the gold medal for piano, with the congratulations of the jury. He later perfects his skills with some of the greatest classical pianist (like François-René Duchâble).
From then on, he appears in the States, Japan, China, France as a classical pianist, also interpreting his own compositions. He is considered as an eclectic musician, passionate of various forms and types of music, and works closely with artists from different horizons. In these years, he has joined various lyric singers, among which the Italian tenor Mario Malagnini and played with different symphonic or philharmonic orchestras.
Sébastien is cultivating a strong passion for the 7th’s art (cinema) and original soundtracks composers (like A.Silvestri, W Kilar, J.Barry, E.Morricone, H.Zimmer, J.N Howard, J.Williams etc.). He meets in 2007 Giuliano Tomassacci (Editor of « Colonne Sonore » in Italy) and Alan Silvestri, the famous American original soundtracks’ composer, who will have a strong influence on his career. Since then, M. Sylvestri has always supported and encouraged Sébastien in all of his artistic projects, recognizing his protégé’s talent.
In 2010, he composes the original soundtrack of the short-film “La Rete”, from Alessio Liguori, the Italian director. The project and others in this period of time has been materialized through the help of his friend and sound engineer, Reynald Evrard.
He also meets Guo Gan, Chinese artist and Grand Master of Erhu. They collaborate since then on various musical projects.
The same year, Sébastien meets Akhenaton, member of the Hip-Hop Group IAM, which he appreciates a lot.
In 2011, the collaboration Akhenaton-Damiani starts with two albums « Arts Martiens » and « …IAM » (IAM-Universal Music) where he participates in the composition and arrangements.
A few artistic projects will be arise after he meets Faf Larage while collaborating on « Arts Martiens ». With this duet, a new team is born.
Sébastien Damiani is currently focusing all his energy composing various form of music (neo-classical compositions, original soundtracks, Hip-Hop, world music). His artistic colors and musical influences (from Maurice Ravel to François De Roubaix, from John Barry to Michel Colombier) are giving a true identity to his compositions.




  • Maman, je t’aime, Polydor – 1984.
  • Piano +, Polydor, 1985.Puis CBS/Sony, Japon, 1986.
  • Sebastien, Edisom, 1988.
  • Lettres du Bout du Monde, BMG, 1989.
  • Live at the Lincoln Theater (Debussy,Fauré,Ravel,Rachmaninoff), Miami, 1992.
  • 12 préludes pour piano, Éditions Combre, Paris, 1997.
  • Improvisations pour Angelo, 1998.
  • 6 Novelettes pour Piano 2002
  • Armonia, 2006
  • All for you, music for the short program of Brian Joubert, 2007-2008.
  • Lames des vainqueurs, original soundtrack of the  Opening tournée France 2007.
  • Romantica Rhapsody, music for the long program of Candice Didier, 2010.
  • Memories of Sobral, music for the long program of Florent Amodio, 2012.
  • Jumpin’Jack, musical extract for the long program of Florent Amodio, season 2012-2013.
  • Arts Martiens, Album IAM, DefJam, 2013.
  • Under The Moon, musical extract for the long program of Florent Amodio, season 2013-2014.
  • …IAM, Album IAM, DefJam, 2013.
  • Je suis en vie, Album solo d’Akhenaton, DefJam, 2014.